Tuesday, August 17, 2004

From Fort Collins

So, this is what people are crazy to be in. USA.

Its been almost a week for me now. Fort Collins is a small town. Unlike what we get to see in movies - high rise buildings, overboarding traffic, car chases, superheroes - this place is quite calm and friendly. Its called one of the most liveable places in US and I can see why. People seem to be very friendly and crime rates are supposedly very low in here. You get almost everything you find in a Metro or a Cosmo and, perhaps, people don't want more than that. There are the Rocky Mountains to the West of the town, and its a splendid view. Atleast, after being in a place like India all through my life, I need something that helps me relate to my home town. The mountains are one of the ways. Surprisingly, there are no birds to seen. One of the guys did tell me that since are no garbage around, there are no birds. I didn't know birds come only for garbage!! It would have been nice to see a few flying around.

People seem to follow traffic rules too sincerely. In India, if you dare to cross a road when the traffic's flowing across, you can just be sure that you would get hit. You won't be able to cross the road if you don't dare so! But here, every little vehicle (even the bicycles, or bikes) just love giving their way to pedestrians. I don't know if its the law or something, but its a nice gesture.

And then there are the apartments. I never knew that very little concrete goes into the construction of these American apartments. I can pin a hole at any place and I find it very useful. Back at home I would have to fight with the hammer and the nail if I have to simply hang a clock on the wall. I think I shall make good use of the walls. But I doubt how well these apartments sustain a big hailstorm or the like. Atleast I don't want to be blown away and thrown in some unknown place in an unknown country. Apart from all these, everything else is so beautiful. The rooms, the light, the courtyards - they are just fabulous. You even get hot boiling water out of the faute by just turning it the other way - WOW!!

The grocerry store. My goodness. Do you really need so much of variety? I was lucky to actually find a friend that helped me figure out what to buy and what not to. Milk - with fat, without fat, 1% fat, 2% fat - so much to go through just for milk. Can't I just ask a "doodhwala" to get it for me, along with the water he would mix in it. I was out to Wallmart and its a "BIG" place. You get everything in there. I specially look for those "Great Value" deals. Someone told me they are really a good deal. I am yet to gain experience with this grocerry shopping and I hope I shall soon. Otherwise, its just too easy to go crazy in there.

Last but not the least. You see a nice cute girl walking towards you. Don't be shy - just look into her eyes. The first smile will come from her side, the next from yours; the first "Hi" from her side, the next from yours. And by the time it gets over, she would have walked past you. But anyway, its good that you get to smile at beautiful ladies for no reason. You do that in India and probably you would be left with a "sandal" mark on your face. I welcome myself to the strange land.


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