Friday, June 11, 2004

Lost and Found

I had been to Ish's place today. Everything felt so different. There was a time when I used to sweat everytime I stood at their doorstep, my voice would tremble as I spoke (prefered silence rather). There was this barrier of formalities that kept me bounded all the while. Today, I went there not as a friend of their daughter, but as myself. "I tried". And I found, surpisingly though, that a long lost "self" is back in me. I enjoyed the flavour of being myself, loving myself, and above all, staying within my own sweet world. Everything works fine in there. Talking to the family was like a swift whip, undivided and continuous. Humour was natural. Attitude was without fear. In the midst of all these, somewhere at some point, unwantedly, I wanted her back. A momentary rush of emotions I would say. The best part of all, I have learnt to explore the depths of my mind.


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