Monday, July 16, 2007

Laptop to Desktop

After getting my new MacBook, I came up with the idea of converting my old Inspiron 5160 to a desktop. Of course it was not a revolutionary idea and thinking so I started looking for ways others have done it. Unfortunately I could not find a proper pointer to go about it. After much "googling", I found the key. It seems much of the process can be accomplished by the help of these panel mount cables. These cables lets you extend your laptop ports to the back of a desktop cabinet and come with all the nuts and bolts you shall need to make it easy. Of course there are other things that you will have to figure out, specially the power button and the LEDs.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Evolutionary Art

Art touched by evolution. It might sound like an intervention to the less-scoped artist, but nevertheless, its true. Evolutionary algorithms can create eye candy abstract art. A genetic programming framework evolves an expression (formula) which outputs color values for a given co-ordinate in the picture. Fitness is assigned to each such formula based on how aesthetically pleasing the picture turns out to be. With proper human guidance, you can get pretty good works of art. More information.