Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Grand Farewell Dinner

So that's what they call a Grand Farewell Dinner. Easy come, easy go. No address, no sign-off; come over, eat up and go away. If grandeur is only about size then it was really a massive put up (felt like a giant Hall Mess), otherwise those people just knew that I was empty-bellied. Com'n, I do have the guts to shell a few bucks and arrange myself a meal! To top it all, sweat glands were on a high, too irritating a distraction when I was trying to concentrate and admire the "hot food" (I found Capsicum in every dish), which otherwise, my taste buds were straightly rejecting. "Excuse me, you mean you want to say it was the gesture that matters." Well fine. Walk in through my door, I shall show you the way out - that's what the gesture was all about. Aaaah!!! leave it, lets not dishonour food.


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