Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Shattered Expectations

Just a few words on irony. How many times have you expected things to happen in a certain way, only to find later that your special moment was just a pass through breeze from time, blown straight at your face? With me it has recurred without count.

An expectation is too dangerous an impulse to follow; addictive enough to push you to the heights of irrationality, and sometimes so massive that clear perception is blocked. It should be called "incoherent thinking" . The rewards, even if phenomenally low, subjects you to a constant search for reproducible oppurtunities - call it the dogma of connexion - every time pushing you towards an ironical situation. The irony is in your repeatation when you learned not to. You start over with another day, another expectation, and in most cases, end up with another blow. Remember, and if its tough, then remember to remember, expectations are like a begger's eyes requesting acceptability without checking compatibility - depending on chance rather than attempting control. Try avoiding them so that you see the bumps on the road ahead.


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